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My Safe Florida Home

Welcome to the My Safe Florida Home Web site.

Our mission is to help Floridians learn how to harden their homes to better protect themselves and their families from windstorm damage..

CFO Sink aggressively lobbied the Legislature to continue funding this tremendously successful program. However, due to budget constraints, the program expired on June 30, 2009.

If you have resources available, we encourage you to take steps to protect yourself and your property against hurricane damage. The first step is pursuing a wind inspection to identify how you can strengthen your home or determine if you are eligible for discounts on your wind insurance.

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Storm Panels

Storm panels offered in alluminum and steel overlapping corrugated panels and are the basic application in storm protection. The overlapping installation of storm panels gives you a rigid deterrent which blocks driving winds, rain and flying debris.

Our storm panel systems may be installed vertically or horizontally depending upon the type of window/door opening which needs to be covered. A track system with a header and sill allows for ease of installation or a direct mount application can give you an additional option for those hard to cover openings.

Either method of installation provides your family a safe and well protected home.